• Be a part of a collective group practicing to raise their level on consciousness. 
  • Access worksheets that allow you to create a blueprint for stillness and clarity.
  • Access 2x’s a week Morning Mindset and Yin Yoga Sessions (LIVE CLASSES)
  • Once a week LIVE group video call with Erika.
  • Learn the basics of Yoga.  Lessons on Lenthening, rotating and opening the heard.
  • Learn how to customize your nutrition for your particular body type
  • Experience the power of shifting your diet to create a more conscious relationship with food
  • Access a 5 Day whole Reset (vegan).  You will understand just how much your body really needs to perform optimally.
  • Access a 3 Day Juice Cleanse to jump start your mind body connection.
  • The confidence of knowing you are on the right path by week 3.


I've helped hundreds of people through in-person mindset coaching for over a decade.  I've dreamt of offering this course online and now it's ready for you!

""Slow down to change your life, see clearly and create more productivity""

 ~ Erika Ervin


ONLY $129.99

Phase 1 - Cleanse and Reset (Pre Retreat)

  • 5 Day Vegan and Gluten- Free Body Reset.  Reset your bodily systems so you can better connect mind to body.

  • Expectations (Short Video) - What you can expect from the Retreat, Me and the Community.  Also what is expected of you.

  • Get to know others in our community - Connect with like minded people

  • Declutter your home and create a comfortable yoga place within your home - (Short Video)

  • ​Introductions in our private Facebook Group.



Phase 4 - Stillness (Week 3)

  • Take Yin Yoga off your mat and into your daily life

  • Lesson on finding Calm in the Chaos. (Short Video)

  • 3 Day Juice Detox (Full Ebook Program Given) Customize for Your Body's Constitution.

  • Tues / Thurs Sunrise Movement, Meditation and Motivation

  • Wednesday Evening Video Conference Gathering 

  • Yoga Class for Detoxing Your Body. 

  • What's Next For You? - Guidance on where to go from here.


Course Summary​​

Phase 2 - Discovery (Week 1)

  • ​Yoga 101 - What is Yoga? Who is Yoga for? What are the benefits of yoga? Yin vs Yang Yoga.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Awareness (Video and Worksheet)

  • Introduction to Ayurevedic Living. Nutrition, Routine and Eating for Your Body's Constitution.  Take the Nutrition Quiz!

  • Tues / Thurs Sunrise Movement, Meditation and Motivation

  • Wednesday Evening Video Conference Gathering and Discussion or Lessons.

  • Your tools for a Mindful Life - What is Journaling, Visualization and Meditation?  What are the benefits and how do you implement them?

  • Self Discovery - What are your Virtues, Goals, Priorities, Roles in Life? What is your story? (Video and Worksheet)


Phase 3 - Integration ( Week2)

  • Dig deeper with what you learned in Week 1

  • 2 Yoga Lessons (What is Yin Yoga) and 2 Uplifting Classes. 

  • Tues / Thurs Sunrise Movement, Meditation and Motivation (Live Class!)

  • Wednesday Evening Lesson - Live and Recorded. The 3 Poisons Lessons - Identify and overcome the categories of behaviors that are halting your growth and success and may be the source of your stress. (Worksheets and Workbook Provided) 

  • Yoga Class - How to create Length and Strength with Yoga

  • ​Beauty of Breath - How are you breathing now? What are the benefits of proper breath? How do you breathe to *control stress, *control Blood Pressure and *create balance in life

  • Learn Your Ayureveda Constitution and Portion Control 

Copyright ©  Erika Ervin


The online Yoga and Mindset Retreat is a 21-day journey toward a stress free and more productive lifestyle.  It’s designed to transform your mindset so you can create self-discipline to manifest the tranquil and successful life you want.  

It focuses on

  • Yin Yoga 
  • Stillness and meditation
  • Organization and time management
  • Community of other Yinsters (People like you who seek growth through stillness) 
  • Customized cleansing nutrition

​This program can be done from anywhere at anytime and in the comfort of your own home. It has 4 phases -